• Rock Steady Boxing

    Russell Voudrie invited Deborah Belsheim of Rock Steady Boxing in O'Fallon. Debora started the O'Fallon branch in 2016 to help her father with his symptoms of Parkinson's. The mission of Rock Steady Boxing is to empower people with Parkinson's disease to fight back. Rock Steady Boxing, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, gives people with Parkinson's disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing based fitness curriculum.

  • Edwardsville Intelligencer

    Denise Vonder Haar invited Carole Fredeking, Advertising Director for the Edwardsville Intellegencer. Carole and her co-worker, Kacie Beatty, gave a presentation on how to make your website more user friendly and help your business. The ladies also treated us to a fun game at the end of the meeting.

  • STL Paranormal Society

    Do you ever feel like someone is watching you or get a chill for no reason? It may be someone from the other side. Dave Viox invited George Danish, of St Louis Paranormal Society to speak to us. So interesting and intriguing, please visit.

  • SIUE Basketball

    Jennis Ulrich invited Jon Harris, head coach of the SIUE men's basketball team. Jon gave us an update on how he is not only coaching the team but he is teaching the players valuable life skills and lessons.

  • Saint Louis Zoo

    Jared Siebert invited three representatives from the STL Zoo. Our Zoo has been around since 1910 and from the information that was shared at the meeting, it's going to be around for many more generations. There are lots of exciting things in store so remember to support the "Best Zoo in the Country" whenever possible.

  • Citrus Queen

    The Citrus Queen instructed her court on the importance of selling fruit this holiday season to fund future projects.

  • Partners 4 Pets

    We were so honored to have Partners 4 Pets join us for lunch. This is the rescue club that does their best work behind the scenes. You would be remiss to not check out the wonderful work that they do.

  • Trisha Shrewsberry presents Lauri Cunningham

    Lauri lost her eldest son while he was away at college and found herself in a position no parent would ever want to be in. She now does speaking events to educate others on the importance of having a plan and the proper documents in place for your single, adult children.

  • Keith and Lisa Speak about Anderson Hospital

    Anderson Healthcare is pleased to announce plans to expand access to medical services in the Metro East communities. The expansion involves development of a 10 acre parcel of land on Goshen Road in Edwardsville across from the YMCA Goshen Center.

  • MADCO Employment & Training

    Gerry Schuetzenhofer introduced us to Tony Fuhrmann and Sarah Lorio from Madison County Employment ∓ Training. The two explained what is in store for Madison and Bond Counties with the launch of the Apprenticeship Program.

  • EHS Vocational Program

    Allyson Morrison is the Vocational Coordinator and runs the S.T.E.P. (Secondary Transition Experience Program) at EHS. In addition, Allyson has the distinct honor of being SJ Morrison's sister-in-law! Susan Converse is the Life Skills Vocational Coordinator and founder of the Tiger Den Coffee Shop at EHS. Susan is currently one of 10 competing for Illinois Teacher of the Year!

  • Nancy Schneider presents Brian Pezza

    Nancy Schneider invited, one of our own, Brian Pezza to speak about the importance of having a employee manual.

  • Rick Parks presents Edward J. Koharik III

    Ed retired from the Air Force in 2015 and now resides in Belleville. He was the first Air Force pilot qualified to operate the Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and has more than 3,300 hours of flying experience in several varieties of aircrafts.

  • Ed Rodney presents Dr. Valorie

    She spoke to the group about the LCCC Building Futures/"Opportunity Youth" program they provide. The goal is to reconnect 16-24 year old's that are not in school, not working, and are in need of connection to meaningful education, training and employment opportunities.

  • Tim Harr presents Eric Williams

    Eric gave us a update on what projects are being planned, in the works and recently completed in our community. The City of Edwardsville has done a great job of getting federal and county funds for a lot of the projects. We sure live in a great community!