1. Lunch on Us

For individuals seeking to become members of the Edwardsville Rotary, we invite you to have lunch with us at the Leclaire Room located at 600 Troy Rd #109. Please contact Carrie Babington, Club Secretaty, at 618-304-6248 to plan which Thursday meeting you would like to attend.

2. Membership

After attending 2-3 Thursday meetings, you will better understand what our club is involved in and see who our members are. If you feel that our club is a good fit for you and you have an altrustic motive to better the community and the world, a member will recommend that you become a member.

3. Get Involved

Once a member, we encourage you to participate in our annual events and service projects. Doing so will lead to the betterment of our community, neighboring communities, and communities worldwide. Aside from the service component, your participation will also strengthen your friendships with other Rotarians. This makes our annual dinners and club events that much more fun for you and your family.